Thursday, November 10, 2011

JSF Icefaces Accessibility

We have a JSF based application, and this is our experience in making the website more accessible.

Accessibility guidelines from the web.

Tools to check for accessibility 

Making your website font scale and resizeable. Typically websites show three (3) A alphabets and prompt the user to resize.
AAACreate the above as links and pass in a value to resize the body font. = newSize + "em";
Key issues/challenges that were faced :-

  • JSF popups with dialog boxes were not picked up by JAWS reader. Had to provide a separate entry point for those pages to be shown as a separate popup window and not within the application itself.
  • Wherever we had a drop down based change listener we had to implement an action listener with a "go" button.
  • Flash based fusion charts font sizes were not re-sizeable
  • To resize flash movies via a script in your website please see
  • Basically flash can be set as a percentage of the parent container div to resize. 
  • Providing alt text for images. 
  • Providing table headers for tables where the th were not rendered due to improper use, the accessibility reader tools need the th to read the column headers. 
  • No multi row headers. 
  • Images pixelating if you increase the zoom of the page, but you can provide alt text for those pages.  
  • Auto complete drop downs need to have a different layout. 

For example if you have section headings in a page (not the html title of the page). What JAWS would allow you to do is to pick a list of headings on a page and navigate directly to that section that contains the heading. So it is essential for your pages to contain headings.

To make tables more accessible,
this is an awesome post on how to make it more accessible.

Will update more on this blog.