Friday, June 17, 2011

Icefaces Load Testing

The problem that I faced was the ability to load test icefaces page, and I could not find an open source tool that helped me to load test icefaces. What other open source tools that are there for this purpose? 

Apache JMeter is fantastic for load testing, but for testing sophisticated fully ajax layouts like icefaces applications, not sure it is really easy to use JMeter. On the other hand Selenium is really easy to capture and build a test case, but to automate and scale for load testing.

A combination of the above tools we can use to create the load testing for Icefaces application. One of the most critical features is that Icefaces generates id's dynamically on every form element, to overcome this, the developer has to set the id's normatively. That way Selenium can identify the components and able to reuse the test case.

Once the test case is recorded through selenium, we can start JMeter and re-record the selenium test case through the JMeter proxy. Once we have a JMeter test case, at this point we should be able to load test the application.