Thursday, April 30, 2009

Debugging MySql queries using My-Sql proxy.

MySql introduced a cool new utility called MySql proxy which allows you to route the queries to the database via a proxy.

The proxy utility has a lot of features and one of the very basic features is to log the queries that are routed through it and log the time taken for the query execution. This helps when you want to tune the application.

Download the utility and unzip it to a location, configure the proxy port as mentioned in your datasource and configure the original database port in your proxy. It comes bundled with a few sample scripts supported by a programming language called "lua" (btw just heard about this ). Dont worry about the new programming language, the sample scripts are good enough to get you started.

Another surprise bonus was if you have hibernate /other applications in your web layer you can see how many queries that are run against the database.

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